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"...plus he's a nice guy to spend time with."

-Steven Luftman,
Doner Advertising

How does a small boy who lives with his mom and four older sisters get attention? Well, this one evidently talked... a lot… So much so, that I remember constantly being told to “SHUT UP!” Eventually, I did… so well in fact, that I stopped trying to express myself at all.


That all changed at age 12 when I was asked to  design my elementary school’s first ever yearbook. Luckily for me, I had a step-dad by then who was an avid photographer and he gave me one of his cameras. That Minolta SRT101 changed my life!

It gave me the freedom to say whatever I wanted to… as often as I wanted to… AS LOUD AS I WANTED TO! I had finally found my voice… through photography.


I remember it like it was yesterday... the exact moment I saw my future. It was during a high school trip to Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. As I made my way into the photography gallery, the impact was immediate and undeniable. I had to become a professional photographer!


Being a perfectionist, my imagery naturally followed suit during my studies. But after graduating from Art Center, I soon found “perfection” to be boring. Idiosyncrasies… Individuality… QUIRKINESS… are WAY more interesting! I chose to celebrate quirky in all its varying degrees.


I thrive on turning concepts into images and adding my own unique twist. I get great satisfaction from making my clients' lives easier. I love creating productions where the atmosphere is relaxed, loads of fun, and maybe just a bit quirky!

studio: 626 345 9996