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"The final images and delight of both the agency and client are really all the testifying that needs to be done."

-Ellen Herbert,
Neat Production

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"Being an Art Producer is sometimes like being a matchmaker; one wants to find the perfect fit between the vision of the agency creative, the needs of the client and the interpretive abilities of the photographer. A very wise Creative Director taught me to look for 3 things in a photographer and Dana delivers on all plus some. Creative Vision, Technical Competency and Professional Charm.


Working with [Dana] on the Dean’s Dip campaign for High Wide & Handsome proved to be a seamless experience from my perspective. If there were any production glitches, we certainly never knew. His crew is some of best available, calm and great fun to collaborate with. Great care was taken to look after details in all parts of the process, from the initial call to final image delivery, allowing for solid creative work to be done. The final images and delight of both the agency and client are really all the testifying that needs to be done."

-Ellen Herbert, Neat Production


"Everything went exceedingly well. Dana was super easy to work with and we got a ton of good shots... Shoot even finished early on Friday. All the talent were really enthusiastic and helpful. Hair & makeup, location, props, food, behind-the-scenes camera…everyone on the crew was great. For my part, I kept waiting for something to go wrong…whether it be an actor that couldn’t get a look down or a technical issue…and it never happened. Really smooth sailing for a production of that size."

-Matt Garthoff, High, Wide & Handsome


"Dana shot an amazing campaign for United Healthcare that exceeded our expectations and invented a visual language for this category. My team at Deutsch created hundreds of scenarios for Dana and he took them all to the next level... his depth, color and composition brought our campaign to life."

-Ross Patrick, Deutsch



"I hired Dana to photograph lots of people for a health insurance client back in my big agency days. Without question it was one of the smartest decisions I made. The shoots had lots of moving parts and Dana sailed through finding the locations and making all the models comfortable. In fact, we won many awards for that campaign! He's a pro all the way."

-Stuart Gordon, DDB Worldwide



"I just completed [our] shoot with Dana and his team. Beyond my highest expectations!  Everyone there and Dana particularly were top quality professionals. They were incredibly helpful, made me feel at ease, had insightful creative ideas, and were a true joy to work with. Just the initial look of the images blew me away and I am quite excited to see the final output.  It was a great experience!"

-Ethan Bearman, Radio Personality



"To say that Dana Hursey is a great photographer is an understatement. Dana's way of capturing tone and manner through his lens goes beyond compare. His ability to capture and create mood in what could be the most mundane of subjects (a couch, for instance) is simply marvelous. His images of people, I give pure praise. Dana is a delight to work with, yet focused, serious and very knowledgeable about what he's lensing. I look forward to working with him on many projects going forward!"

-Duane Conder, Condor Media Group



"Dana Hursey is a wealth of knowledge and shares his expertise freely since he always knows that he has more research and information forth coming. He is an extremely talented and detail oriented professional photographer, and problem solver. Dana is well spirited and is always a pleasure to collaborate with on any project!"

-Rhoni Epstein, Rhoni Epstein Associates



“I had the pleasure of working with Dana and would not hesitate hiring him again. He is a true professional and gets the great shots even under less then ideal conditions. Dana has an innate ability to get the most out of a portrait, and has set up very involved shoots for me. He does this all in a very pleasant and professional manner, plus he's a nice guy to spend time with.”

-Steven Luftman, Doner Advertising



“Dana's expertise in capturing our company's creative vision in distinctive, engaging photography is matched by his ability to manage details from the mundane to the complex -- all within budget and on time! He always keeps his cool and is able to work productively with all manner of art directors, agency staff and line employees. His abilities in retouching images is superb, and he continually stays ahead of the curve in his profession.”

- Catherine DiFonso, UnitedHealthcare



“Dana was a pleasure to work with. His creativity and technical expertise is unmatched. He is a master at what he does and very easy to work with and very personable. I would recommend him to anyone looking for outstanding photography for their campaign.”

- James Mann, Deutsch



“...Dana is simply one of the best photographers on the planet... and a singular talent that so many clients can only hope to have a chance to work with.”

- Andrea Favilli, Favilli + Sfingi



“Dana is exceptionally talented and fantastic to work with. He is my go-to source for every type of imagery. His versatility, flexibility, creativity, professionalism, and great personality are unmatched. Dana is resourceful, easy to work with and always a lot of fun. Tight deadlines, tricky products, different personalities…no problem. I'm always impressed with Dana's sense of aesthetics and high quality. Plus he makes everyone look good and continually exceeds expectations (which is not easy). I highly recommend Dana and look forward to working with him on many more projects.”

- Lori Berson, Berson | Dean | Stevens



"In all my 27 years in this business I have had the great pleasure of coming across wonderful people. People creatively and ethically balanced in their life's work. Dana Hursey excels beyond any I have met in my life. A man of character, true purpose and quality. This is a rare set of criteria but in Dana, I am more than pleased to state categorically that his work, creativity and business sense is quite invaluable. I would never hesitate to put Dana forward in his field as an individual who works hard to produce results that meet any client's needs. Work with Dana and you as I, will find a powerful presence hard to find in this changing world. More than anything it is due in great part to Dana's belief in my work that has provided so many opportunities in return. In this his value also as a mentor is so valuable and needed not only in his field but also out there in this incredible world of opportunities ."

- David William Gibbons , Director / CEO - Mad Brit FIlms / Lighthouse Imaging Group


“I worked with Dana and his team for close to a decade on various photo shoots for advertising projects, marketing materials and building corporate photo libraries. He is extremely well-organized and an excellent communicator! Dana is incredibly talented and offers a top-tier experience no matter the scale of the project -- from straightforward in-studio shots to complex, multiple-location shoots. He is methodical yet nimble, able to work with persnickety clients and adrenaline-fueled agency representatives with diplomacy and a dedication to complete satisfaction. Quite frankly, I will find it nearly impossible to work with any other photographer because Dana sets the standard for quality, beautiful, award-winning photography.”

- C.D., Pacificare