Working With Us


Dana believes strongly that if you show creativity, integrity and professionalism, a client will be back again and again, and more importantly, refer others. That’s why 90% of Dana Hursey’s projects come from return business and referrals.


Every shoot is custom-priced. We are happy to prepare a competitive or a comparative estimate for your project. Factors that affect pricing are: locations, studio, complexity, number of shots, number of days, usage, sets, talent, hair/make-up, wardrobe, props and travel.


We do our best to work within your budget. If we unable, we’ll do our best to refer you to someone else that fits your parameters.


Scroll down to see some of the latest equipment we use in creating Hi-End Imagery for our clients.

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Dana Hursey Photography - Los Angeles Studio


Partial Professional Photographic Equipment List


Small Format Digital Camera Systems


Canon EOS 1 Dx MkII  - 20 Megapixel 4k Digital Camera

Canon 35mm-350mm L Series Zoom Lens

Canon 85mm L Series Lens

Canon 16mm-35mm Series II Zoom Lens

Canon 100mm Macro Lens


Lensbaby 3.0 - Soft Focus Lens


Sony RX1r Digital Camera



Medium Format Digital Camera Systems


Hasselblad H6D - 100 Megapixel Digital Camera

Hasselblad 80mm Lens

Hasselblad120mm Macro Lens

Hasselblad 28mm Wide Angle Lens

Hasselblad 50mm-110mm Zoom Lens


Large Format Film Camera Systems


4x5 / 5x7 Super Cambo View Camera

210mm Schneider Lens

121mm Schneider Super Angulon Lens

300mm Schneider Lens


Lighting Systems


2 - Profoto D4 Digital Strobe Packs (2400ws)

6 - Profoto Accute2/D4 Strobe Heads

Profoto Acute2 / D4 Ring Light

Various Reflectors, Grids, SoftBoxes, Umbrellas, and Light Modifiers


Sekonic L-358 Flash Meter


Pocket Wizard Radio Slave/Sync System





Gitzo Tripod

Manfrotto Monopod

Grip Kits, Expendables, etc.


Color Calibrated Computer Systems


Apple Mac Pro Computer- 12 Core 2.7GHz - 1TB SSD HD - 32GB RAM

2x Apple 27" Cinema Displays

Apple 15" MacBook Pro Laptop (Location Computer)

Apple 27" Display (Location Display)

iMac 27" Desktop Computer

21TB Raid Primary Disk Array

2x 12TB Raid Back-up Disk Arrays

Epson P600 Printer (13" wide)

Epson Pro7800 Printer (24" wide)

Final Cut Pro Edit Bay